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15 April 2007 @ 11:30 pm
Response #7  
The experience of which Douglass speaks is one that I myself have been attempting to analyze and, indeed, bring about in other people for their benefit and mine. However, one cannot do this; the experience must be so authentic, so penetrating, that no mere words, no matter their elegance and force, could ever come close to emulating it. This is a frustrating realization to come to.

I guess the closest such of my own experiences to mind at the moment is the one I had in which I realized this very fact, that regardless of the sharpness and accuracy of my words, I could not make people realize truths, but they had to do this on their own. It was very frustrating to lose this false sense of control, but at the same time very liberating. I remained identical in form--high school student, same clothes, same hobbies, etc--but was far more able to conduct conversations accordingly, trying to steer people toward their breakthrough experiences, instead of give them that experience myself.
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