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08 April 2007 @ 11:23 pm
Response #6  
If time is considered a causal chain leading directly from one event to the next, following this vector at any point in the time (past, present, future) is to be utterly detached from this chain-reaction. The cliché says that "time is not linear", and that we create our linear perception of time based on cause and effect. From a practical standpoint this does not help much historical or artistic analysis, but the basic idea is of importance in understanding how to revolutionize any field. Indeed, to work "in the beyond" is to revolutionize the field, and to revolutionize the field, one must work "in the beyond". To perform revolutionary music, one must break from the field's current vector. Same as for writing, science, anything like that.

It is commonly called a "paradigm shift". That is moving to the "beyond".
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